Interested in becoming a part of TEDxUofT? Read through the job descriptions and once you've decided, fill out this form and email your cover letter, resume and portfolio if applicable to

Deadline: June 30th, 2017

Budget Manager

Don’t mind telling the team “we can’t afford that” and want to gain professional experience managing projects?

Creative Director

For creatives that are looking to lead a team of talented artists, designers, and photographers and want to make their mark on campus.

Executive Assistant

Be the backbone of TEDxUofT and help organize one of campus’ largest events.

Graphic Designer

TEDxUofT prides itself in being one of the most creative campus groups, and we’re constantly looking to widen our pool of talent.

Logistics Director

Organise an unforgettable experience for an audience of 500 and learn more than a few tricks along the way.

Marketing Director

Shape the image of one of UofT’s most renowned clubs and develop creative campaigns that will make its mark on campus life.

Social Media Specialist

Looking to put those hours on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to good use?

Speaker Relations

Curate, cultivate, and communicate with UofT’s distinguished pool of speakers, and bring undergraduate talks to the spotlight.

Sponsorship Manager

Pitch to businesses and maintain excellent business relations - practice those hard earned presentation skills.


Help bring UofT’s best conference to life and to the masses. Work on exciting marketing campaigns and learn all about livestreaming and multimedia distribution.

Web Designer

If you can combine creativity and coding, you’re perfect for this role!